Sunday, June 18, 2017


This was probably 1964. Dad was 40 years old.
 I really don't remember doing much on Father's Day back then, maybe it wasn't celebrated as much as it is today. However, our dad was a good father and a wonderful husband and provider for his large family. Love you, Dad and miss you every day.

Every summer dad took us all to the family cottage on Portage Lake in Onekama, Michigan.
There we swam and played tennis and explored all day. What wonderful memories we have all stored up. 
We all still go to the cottage and so do our children!

Dad's passion was sailing. He had enjoyed sailing ever since he was a young boy with his brother, Bob. 
The other day I had hung the bed sheets out on the clothesline. It was windy and as I sat in the living room listening to the flapping of the sheets in the wind, it reminded my of our many sailing trips and races.
 We used to have a sailing club out of Burnham Harbor in Chicago that raced on Wednesday nights. I often crewed for dad as I was the middle weight crew and the younger children were really too light for the swells of Lake Michigan. My older brother was saved for the really windy days!

We raced a Snipe.
 A great sailboat, but felt very small on Lake Michigan! 
To tell the truth I was always afraid out there. 
The crew had many jobs to do. If we were sailing with the wind behind us then I would be told to "put the Whisker Pole out--NOW". To accomplish that, one had to stand on the bow of the boat and thrust the pole into the grommet in the jib sail and then secure  the other end of the pole in the right place on the mast!

If we were in a lull then the centerboard would need to be lifted up so there was not as much drag in the water. Dad was competitive and winning meant a lot to him. As you can imagine it could get TENSE out there!

Hiking out was the worst thing ever! 
This really is how we would often end up as we tried to keep the boat speeding along to the finish!
Try doing this in a bathing suit. Must say I had good abs in those days!

I wish that I could have some of those days back and to realize how much dad wanted to bond with his children doing something he loved. I was just a young teenager and didn't realize this. 
One thing I learned through sailing was that you can conquer your fears and rise to the task at hand!
Thank you, Dad for all you taught me through all your 92 years!

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